Expertly Crafted Cocktails


Soho Street Cocktails


Experience the quality and craftsmanship of hand-built cocktails you enjoy in your favourite bar in your own home. No need for dozens of ingredients and blending equipment, we have done the hard work for you so you can simply shake over ice and pour.

    With Tradition and Passion.
    Handmade for You.


    About Our Cocktails

    Our cocktails are produced using only the finest quality ingredients with no artificial flavours or colourings. Our signature Espresso Martini is made with Cold Brew Coffee which is brewed for 14 hours with reverse osmosis water to help create a perfectly balanced blend. Our fruit based cocktails are created with the purest fruit purees on the market and we never use products that come from concentrate. The cocktails are all small batch productions but yet we do not skimp on the quality control. They are blended and packaged in a BRC Grade A-rated facility to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained for your benefit.

    So put your recipe books down and your blending equipment away to relax and enjoy Soho Street Cocktails.

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