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Back in Stock!

Our favourite cocktail is now back in stock! Thank you :)

Bigly Impressive!

Beautiful cocktails, the most beautiful cocktails you've ever seen! They're genius, bigly impressive.

Yummy Yummy Yummy

Best ready mixed pornstar martini I have ever tried, All of our guests at our Halloween party also loved them. Only issue, I didn't order enough!!

Beyond lovely

Just absolutely delighted to have discovered these incredible cocktails! Perfectly mixed, perfectly balanced drinks. Incredible value and incredible taste. Have I used the word incredible too much? No!

Lovely proper coffee taste

Tastes like the real deal, with great texture and amazing flavour. Packs a punch too!

Far too good :)

Absolutely delicious and easy to serve - what’s not to like? Can’t wait to try more from the range! Will be buying lots more of this one too - just as good if not better than what you’d get in a bar!

The Best

I've ordered 4 times now and really love this Espresso Martini - Easy to make in a cocktail shaker. You hardly need to shake it to get a decent foam. Pretty much guarantee you wont be disappointed. Cheers Simon

P*rnstar Star!

Hello. This is no ordinary P*rnstar Martini. Not sweet, really refreshing and you can easily (as I found out!) drink more than one! I'll order again.

Hello Espresso

My favourite cocktail in a pouch! Happy days :) Thank you

A real treat!

It's simple. I've never been a fan of Espresso Martinis. Now I am.
Will buy again.

Cheers guys!

Perfect Cosmo

Always been a cosmo fan but this one tops them all. Super refreshing, not too sweet and very moreish, perfect drink.

Great cocktail

Tasted super fresh, so easy to make and looks great. Really enjoyed this cocktail and looking forward to my next cocktail night!

Perfect girls night

Perfect quick and easy and super tasty cocktail to serve to my friends on girls night, looked and tasted fantastic! Will definitely purchase again!

Fabulous Cosmo!

Cosmo is our go-to cocktail and Soho Street’s is fab u lous darling! It’s so fresh and mouth watering! And so easy to make and perfect every time, and soooo moreish!

Proper Cocktail

This is a proper cocktail. Not sweet at all! Reckon I’d struggle to make one better even if I had all of the ingredients.


Went down a storm at our BBQ. Wish I’d bought 2 of them!


Perfect. Not sure what else to say. Apart from the fact that I will buy again 👍🏻

Great Drink

Don’t think I’m the perfect target audience for this cocktail (over 40!) but got to say I really enjoyed it. Not too sweet and with a really natural passion fruit flavour. I can see the real fruit pulp in my drink :)


Darn good Espresso Martini! Added a shot of Baileys to mine and got a perfect flat white Espresso Martini which still had a foaming head…

Tastes so fresh!

Wow! I’ve tried a few pre-mixed cocktails in the past, however, nothing that tastes as fresh as this. I would never have known this was from a pouch and I’ll definitely be stocking up on the full range that Soho Street Cocktails offer.

So Good!!

Great tasting product and really easy to use! Would recommend!

My Fave

I love the Pornstar, but this is the one I come back to. Pretty much bar quality and much better than I managed to knock up myself :)


Jam packed full of Strawberry flavour! Really delicious. I kept going back for more!


What can I say but CORR!! Scrumptious!

Oh Ah Pornstar!

Delicious! better than ones I've had in my local bars by far!!!!